The Processing and Analysis of Lunar Penetrating Radar Channel-1 Data from Chang'E-3

Article Chinese OPEN
Gao Yun-ze ; Dong Ze-hua ; Fang Guang-you ; Ji Yi-cai ; Zhou Bin (2015)
  • Publisher: Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Journal: Journal of Radars (issn: 2095-283X, eissn: 2095-283X)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.12000/JR15030
  • Subject: hang'E-3 (CE-3) | Lunar Penetrating Radar (LPR) | Data processing | Geological boundary | Technology (General) | T1-995

Lunar Penetrating Radar (LPR), which is one of the most important science payloads onboard the Chang'E-3 (CE-3) rover, is used to obtain electromagnetic image less than 100 m beneath the lunar surface. This paper describes the system composition and working mechanism of the LPR and presents a detailed analysis of its data. We investigated special signal-processing methods and present the result of channel-1 data. The result shows that the effective echo occurs at depths greater than 100 m. Moreover, an unusual reflection exists at depth of 40 m, which may be the boundary of two geological units beneath the lunar surface.
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