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  • Published: 01 Jul 2015 Journal: Scientific Study & Research: Chemistry & Chemical Engineering (issn: 1582-540X, eissn: 1582-540X, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Alma Mater Publishing House "Vasile Alecsandri" University of Bacau
On allowing (Cy2NH2)2C2O4∙2H2O to react with SnBu3Cl or SnMe3Cl, i-Bu2NH2HC2O4 with SnBu3Cl, (Bu2NH2)2C2O4 with SnMe3Cl, (i-Bu2NH2)2C2O4 with SnPh2Cl2, a mixture of i-Bu2NH2)2C2O4 and (Me4N)2C2O4 with SnPh2Cl2, (Pr2NH2)2C2O4 with SnPh3Cl, the oxalato derivatives and complexes Cy2NH2C2O4SnBu3.3H2O∙1/4Cy2NH2Cl, i-Bu2NH2C2O4SnBu3∙1/2(i-Bu2NH2)2C2O4,y2NH2C2O4SnMe3∙1/2(Cy2NH2)2C2O4, Sn(C2O4)2∙[C2O4(SnMe3∙H2O)2]∙2EtOH∙1/4[(Bu2NH2)2C2O4],(i-Bu2NH2)2 C2O4∙ 2SnPh2Cl2∙SnCl4∙4(i-Bu2NH2OH)∙2(i-Bu2NH2Cl), 2[SnPh2Cl4(i-Bu2NH2)2]∙ SnCl2C2O4∙4i-Bu2NH2Cl and 2[Pr2NH2C2O4SnPh3]∙(Pr2NH2)2C2O4∙SnCl4∙ 2Pr2NH2Cl were obtained. Double chain, two metallic components and a dimeric struc...
free text keywords: cis or trans trigonal bipyramidal, double chain structure, mono- or bichelating, mono- or bidentate, only hydrogen bonding involved oxalates, tetrahedral or octahedral environments, supramolecular architectures, trans coordinated SnR’3 residues (R’= Me, Bu), Chemical technology, TP1-1185
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