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Hydrological Process Simulation of Inland River Watershed: A Case Study of the Heihe River Basin with Multiple Hydrological Models

Zhonggen Wang; Yichi Zhang; Lili Wang; Jingjie Yu; Suzhen Dang;
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  • Published: 03 Apr 2018 Journal: Water (issn: 2073-4441, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: MDPI AG
Simulating the hydrological processes of an inland river basin can help provide the scientific guidance to the policies of water allocation among different subbasins and water resource management groups within the subbasins. However, it is difficult to simulate the hydrological processes of an inland river basin with hydrological models due to the non-consistent hydrological characteristics of the entire basin. This study presents a solution to this problem with a case study about the hydrological process simulation in an inland river basin in China, Heihe River basin. It is divided into the upper, middle, and lower reaches based on the distinctive hydrological ...
free text keywords: inland river basin, multiple hydrological models, hydrological process simulation, hydrological characteristics, Hydraulic engineering, TC1-978, Water supply for domestic and industrial purposes, TD201-500, Geography, Planning and Development, Aquatic Science, Biochemistry, Water Science and Technology, Structural basin, Groundwater, Environmental science, Process simulation, Groundwater model, Water balance, Hydrology, MODFLOW, Drainage basin, geography.geographical_feature_category, geography, Surface runoff
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38 references, page 1 of 3
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