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Finite Element Modelling of a Novel Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repairing Device

A.Vairis; M.Petousis; N.Vidakis; G.Stefanoudakis; B.Kandyla;
Open Access English
  • Published: 01 Jul 2014 Journal: Journal of Engineering Science and Technology Review (issn: 1791-2377, eissn: 1791-2377, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology
The knee anterior cruciate ligament which connects the femur to the tibia is often torn during sudden twisting motions resulting in knee instability with surgery being an effective treatment where the torn ligament is replaced with a graft. This study provides qualitative stress information on a restored knee which has been repaired using a novel device. This device has been designed to reduce graft damage and to minimize post-surgery complications. The device as well as the intact knee have been modelled in 3D and studied using finite elements to assess the mechanical behaviour of the device under different loads. Results are evaluated and compared to equivalen...
Medical Subject Headings: musculoskeletal systemmusculoskeletal diseases
free text keywords: finite element modelling, knee ligament repair, tendon graft, biomechanics, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), Engineering (General). Civil engineering (General), TA1-2040, Technology (General), T1-995
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38 references, page 1 of 3
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