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Lushpaeva I.I. ; Pavlova O.Y. (2012)
  • Publisher: Naučno-innovacionnyj Centr
  • Journal: Sovremennye Issledovaniâ Socialʹnyh Problem (issn: 2077-1770, eissn: 2218-7405)
  • Subject: Social Sciences | H

Social Intelligence - a relatively new concept in psychological science, which is in the process of development and refinement. In his experimental work, we relied on the following definition of social intelligence as "a special ability is the ability to generate attitude to oneself, to understand their behavior and the behavior of others, to analyze and predict the development of the situation of interaction, emotional feeling, its personal, social and psychological context" An experimental study was based on an integrated approach and covered a number of character, psycho-physiological and psychological components of the structure of social intelligence of students KNII (Kazan State Technological University), 1,4,5 courses for the department of social workers. As a result of the data obtained the following conclusions A. In one group of subjects (1 course) is significantly expressed in indicators of personality traits, emotional intelligence. We tested a group of developed emotional lability, individualistic, control your emotions, empathy, definition of emotions of other people. B. Changing the parameters is observed leading to the second group of subjects (4 course) in the personality traits and emotional intelligence- pessimism, anxiety, individualistic, and definition of emotions of other people C. In the third study group (5 course ) indices of personality traits have evolved (developed rigidity, anxiety, and individualistic). In conclusion, the social intelligence can analyze the social reality and social phenomena in the relationship of all internal qualities, in the unity of the internal contradictions The formation of social intelligence and social thinking historically conditioned and subject to historical patterns. Purpose Study of the psychological characteristics of the dynamic characteristics of the social intelligence of students Methodology Factor analysis of social intelligence and personal qualities of students KNII (Kazan State Technological University), influencing the parameters we selected blocks of diagnostics instruments for their studies at university Results The development of social intelligence in the influence of certain scales, not all parameters of the selected blocks of our tests, but in different groups of subjects can be identified the same factors that have to load the appropriate variables. These parameters are 1) block of personality traits 2) block of emotional intelligence The main contribution to individual differences in personality traits are contributing factors that are present in all groups. The development of social intelligence, and individual psychological differences in subjects affected by the development of behavioral problems, and organizational and communicative, perceptual abilities, nonverbal, and for the third group is also emotional intelligence. Practical implications Development of the theory of social intelligence as a learning process, writing manuals and develop training sessions of social intelligence specialists in the activity of human-human,to promising directions of our research is studies aimed at understanding the gender, age, professional details of the dynamic characteristics of the social intelligence of students.
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