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Composición nutrimental y parámetros fisicoquímicos de néctar de guanábana termosonicado

Luis M. Anaya-Esparza; María D. Méndez-Robles; Alejandro Pérez-Larios; Elhadi M. Yahia; Efigenia Montalvo-González;
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  • Published: 01 Jun 2018
  • Publisher: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Facultad de Estudios Superiores, Plantel Zaragoza
Abstract Effect of thermosonication (TS) at two different experimental conditions [TS1 = 24 kHz, 1.3 W/mL of acoustic energy density (AED), 51 °C for 8 min and TS2 = 24 kHz, 1.4 W/mL AED, 54 °C for 10 min] on the nutrimental composition and physicochemical parameters of soursop nectar stored at 4 ºC were evaluated. Fresh (untreated) and traditionally pasteurized (65 °C, 30 min) soursop nectars were used as controls. TS did not cause changes in the most nutrients and physicochemical parameters evaluated. However, it was measured a highest dietary fiber content (33 %), turbidity (30%) and viscosity (5%), when TS2 was applied. The soluble dietary fiber is one of th...
free text keywords: nutrimental composition, physicochemical parameters, soursop nectar, thermosonication, composición nutrimental, parámetros fisicoquímicos, néctar de guanábana, termosonicación, Biology (General), QH301-705.5, Zoology, QL1-991, Chemistry, QD1-999
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