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Rameswar Panda; P.P.Ghorpade; S.S.Chopade; A.H.Kodape; M.B.A Siddiqui; H.Y.Palampalle; N.R.Dagli;
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  • Published: 01 Dec 2016 Journal: Exploratory Animal and Medical Research (issn: 2277-470X, eissn: 2319-247X, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: West Bengal Veterinary Alumni Association
This experiment was conducted to find out the effect of different floor space allowance on serum cortisol level of Osmanabadi kids. For this study, eighteen Osmanabadi kids between the age group of 3-4 months were randomly selected irrespective of sex. The selected kids were divided and kept into three different groups with different floor space comprising of 6 kids in each group. GroupT0 (0.8m2 floor space/kid), Group T1 (0.7m2 /kid) and Group T2 (0.6m2 /kid). The feeding and other management practices for all the three groups were similar. The blood sample was collected from each goat in fifteen days interval and the serum cortisol concentration (nM/l) was det...
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free text keywords: Floor space, Stress behaviour, Osmanabadi kids, Serum cortisol concentration, Veterinary medicine, SF600-1100
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