1989 december Revolution. Urban legends

Article German OPEN
Oana VOICHICI (2018)
  • Publisher: Editura Muzeul National al Literaturii Romane
  • Journal: Diversitate si Identitate Culturala in Europa (issn: 2067-0931)
  • Subject: Urban legend | manipulation | diversion | Romanian National Television | terrorist | Social sciences (General) | H1-99

The urban legends about terrorists that emerged during the revolution of December 1989 represent a special category. They are closely connected to the manipulation and diversion techniques and are typical of the period in which they were launched. The consequences they entailed were dramatic, even tragic: civilian and military casualties, destruction and appropriation of valuable goods that were part of the national patrimony, the ridicule of military actions in those days, meant to counterattack the omnipresent invisible terrorists’ ‘imminent’ assaults. These legends clearly show how entire masses can be manipulated, instilling feelings of terror into people’s minds, playing upon their fear of repression, cruelty, death.
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