Analysis of the Pallet Clamping Conditions in Work Positioning

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L. A. Kolesnikov (2016)
  • Publisher: MGTU im. N.È. Baumana
  • Journal: Mašiny i Ustanovki: Proektirovanie (issn: 2412-592X)
  • Subject: TJ227-240 | calculation of structural parameters of work positioning of automatic transfer lines | Machine design and drawing

<p>Pallets of automatic transfer lines serve as the technological and work-transfer equipment. However, their design is based on the general principles of designing machine accessories. Calculation of the basic design parameters of work based on their functioning features is fairly relevant.</p><p>In pallet transfer movement over work positioning there is a mismatch between axes of the basic bushing of a pallet and the clamping locks of positioning. The paper identifies the factors influencing it, and defines the conditions to ensure the trouble-free clamping lock. The circular and rhombic clamping of pallet is simultaneous. Further, a clamping load is calculated from the pallet mass (together with the work-piece) and the geometric parameters of the pallet clamping.</p><p>The paper reveals three movement stages of the clamping lock in a vertical plane when setting the pallet in work positioning:</p><p>- a clamping lock free play till it encounters with the location bushing;</p><p>- a clamping lock play length when the lead-in chamfer contacts the bushing chamfer;</p><p>- a clamping lock play length over the circular surface of bushing.</p><p>The study of this process has allowed us to calculate the time of pallet clamping and dynamic loads acting on the clamping lock. These calculations made it possible to calculate the required diameter of the clamping lock. The presented calculations allow a reasonable assigning the main design parameters of work positioning for the pallet automatic lines.</p>
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