Frequency Distribution of Blood Groups ABO, MN and Rh Factor in Philippine Cosmopolitan, Regional and the National Populations

Article English OPEN
Ruth Marian S. Guzman; Ricardo Noel R. Gervasio; Ian Kendrich C. Fontanilla; Ernelea P. Cao;
  • Publisher: University of the Philippines
  • Journal: Science Diliman (issn: 0115-7809, eissn: 2012-0818)
  • Subject: genetic frequencies | ABO | MN | Rh factor | Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium | Science | Q | Science (General) | Q1-390

Frequency distribution of blood groups is important as it is used in modern medicine, genetic research, anthropology, and tracing ancestral relations of humans. Blood groups include the ABO, Rh and the MN red cell antigens. The frequency distribution of these three bloo... View more
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