Sustained-release calcium antagonist in patients over 60 years with isolated and systolo-diastolic arterial hypertension

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V. E. Oleynikov; V. A. Budanova; E. E. Grishaeva; E. I. Yastrebova; S. S. Fadeeva; L. I. Gusakovskaya;
  • Journal: Кардиоваскулярная терапия и профилактика (issn: 1728-8800, eissn: 2619-0125)
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  • Subject: Sustained-release nifedipine | isolated systolic arterial hypertension | hypertension in the elderly | microalbuminuria in the elderly | Diseases of the circulatory (Cardiovascular) system | RC666-701

Aim. To study antihypertensive and organo-protective effects of a calcium antagonist (CA), controlled-release (CR) nifedipine, in patients over 60 years with Stage I-II isolated systolic and systolo-diastolic arterial hypertension (ISAH, SDAH).Material and methods. This... View more
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