An Application of Max Lusher's Theory of Colour Psychology in Forogh Farrokhzad's Poetry

Article Persian OPEN
M Alavi Moghaddam ; S Poorshahram (2010)
  • Publisher: University of Isfahan
  • Journal: Textual Criticism of Persian Literature (issn: 2008-5486, eissn: 2476-3268)
  • Subject: Colours | Psychological Analysis | Max Lusher | Forogh Farrokhzad | Litrary Criticism | Indo-Iranian languages and literature | PK1-9601

Colour is recognized as one of the criteria for personality analysis in modern psychology. Colours are a kind of energy and visible sounds which play an important role in one's life. Their influences on human's soul and mind are undeniable. In other words, colour can be considered as a reflection of one's mental and physical situation since colours have special influence on soul and body equally. Max Lusher's study of colours is among the most recent theories which deal with psychological analysis and character explication. In this method, colours are introduced as numbers. Those which are denied and those which are well- accepted are the reflection of oneâs thoughts and feelings. Hence, word selection and colour choice can help us to analyze the poet's personality and mind. Among the modern poets, Forogh Farrokhzad has repeatedly manipulated colours in her poems among which "black" is a specific one. This paper aims at interpreting Forogh Farrokhzad poetry in terms of colour analysis on Max Lusher's theory.
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