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Dynamic Diffraction Studies on the Crystallization, Phase Transformation, and Activation Energies in Anodized Titania Nanotubes

Hani Albetran; Victor Vega; Victor M. Prida; It-Meng Low;
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  • Published: 01 Feb 2018 Journal: Nanomaterials, volume 8, page 122 (eissn: 2079-4991, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: MDPI AG
  • Country: Spain
The influence of calcination time on the phase transformation and crystallization kinetics of anodized titania nanotube arrays was studied using in-situ isothermal and non-isothermal synchrotron radiation diffraction from room temperature to 900 °C. Anatase first crystallized at 400 °C, while rutile crystallized at 550 °C. Isothermal heating of the anodized titania nanotubes by an increase in the calcination time at 400, 450, 500, 550, 600, and 650 °C resulted in a slight reduction in anatase abundance, but an increase in the abundance of rutile because of an anatase-to-rutile transformation. The Avrami equation was used to model the titania crystallization mech...
free text keywords: Chemical engineering, Anatase, Calcination, law.invention, law, Isothermal process, Materials science, Avrami equation, Rutile, Crystallization, Nanotube, Arrhenius equation, symbols.namesake, symbols, Article, titania, anodization, synchrotron radiation diffraction, Chemistry, QD1-999
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publication . Article . 2018

Dynamic Diffraction Studies on the Crystallization, Phase Transformation, and Activation Energies in Anodized Titania Nanotubes

Hani Albetran; Victor Vega; Victor M. Prida; It-Meng Low;