Phytoremediation of kitchen wastewater by Spirulina platensis (Nordstedt) Geiteler: pigment content, production variable cost and nutritional value

Article English OPEN
Siripen Traichaiyaporn1;
  • Publisher: Maejo University
  • Journal: Maejo International Journal of Science and Technology (issn: 1905-7873)
  • Subject: kitchen wastewater | nutritional value | pigment content | production variable cost | Spirulina platensis | Technology | T | Technology (General) | T1-995 | Science | Q | Science (General) | Q1-390

Phytoremediation of domestic wastewater by Spirulina platensis was carried out using kitchen wastewater. A complete randomised design (CRD) was created for the experiment which was performed on modified Zarrouk’s medium (Zm), 100% kitchen wastewater (100%Kw) and 90% k... View more
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