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Serum Neuron-Specific Enolase, Biogenic Amino-Acids and Neurobehavioral Function in Lead-Exposed Workers from Lead-Acid Battery Manufacturing Process

Ravibabu, K; Barman, T; Rajmohan, HR;
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  • Published: 01 Jan 2015 Journal: The International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, volume 6, pages 50-57 (issn: 2008-6520, eissn: 2008-6814, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Maad Rayan Publishing Company
Background: The interaction between serum neuron-specific enolase (NSE), biogenic amino-acids and neurobehavioral function with blood lead levels in workers exposed to lead form lead-acid battery manufacturing process was not studied. Objective: To evaluate serum NSE and biogenic amino-acids (dopamine and serotonin) levels, and neurobehavioral performance among workers exposed to lead from lead-acid storage battery plant, and its relation with blood lead levels (BLLs). Methods: In a cross-sectional study, we performed biochemical and neurobehavioral function tests on 146 workers exposed to lead from lead-acid battery manufacturing process. BLLs were assessed by ...
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42 references, page 1 of 3
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publication . Article . 2015

Serum Neuron-Specific Enolase, Biogenic Amino-Acids and Neurobehavioral Function in Lead-Exposed Workers from Lead-Acid Battery Manufacturing Process

Ravibabu, K; Barman, T; Rajmohan, HR;