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Responsabilidad de los administradores societarios por pérdida del capital en el derecho argentino

Abdala, Martin Eugenio;
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  • Published: 01 Jul 2011
  • Publisher: Fundación Universidad del Norte
  • Country: Argentina
Often we can see in Argentina companies operating without an adequate supply of capital and doing business in excess of the real possibilities of the firm. When there are situations of breach of obligations of the company, creditors injured trying to compensate their losses by bringing tort actions against the administrators. To justify these claims a group of Argentine authors intend to use the arts. 59, 274 and 99 of the Ley de Sociedades Comerciales (Corporations Law). We do not consider appropriate to use for this purpose the art. 99 of the Ley de Sociedades Comerciales. On the one hand, it is extremely difficult to determine when a society has lost its soci...
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