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Effect of municipal and industrial wastewater effluents on the Chromium and Vanadium residues in muscle tissue of Cyprinionm acrostomum and Chondrostoma regium fish in Kermanshah Gharasou River (2013)

M Pirsaheb; K Sharafi; A. Dargahi; E Azizi; T Khosravi; M Ghayebzadeh;
Open Access Persian
  • Published: 01 Feb 2015 Journal: Bihdāsht-i Mavādd-i Ghaz̠āyī, volume 4, issue 4, pages 75-84 (issn: 2228-7647, eissn: 2476-6968, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Islamic Azad University, Tabriz Branch
Nowadays, the entrance of heavy metals in the aquatic environment is an important and also a global environmental concern due to the indiscriminate discharging of various industrial wastewaters, which cause accumulation of heavy metals in body of aquatic animals including fishes. The present study aimed to evaluate the amount of Chromium and Vanadium in muscle tissue of Chondrostoma regium and Cyprinion macrostomum fish in Kermanshah Gharasou River in 2013. For sampling eight different places were chosen along the river and according to places of discharging municipal and industrial wastewaters. A total of 10 samples were collected from each place and all sample...
free text keywords: Chromium, vanadium, Fish, Gharasou River, Kermanshah, lcsh:Food processing and manufacture, lcsh:TP368-456
European Marine Science
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