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Some results on a general iterative method for k-strictly pseudo-contractive mappings

Jung Jong Soo;
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  • Published: 01 Jan 2011 Journal: Fixed Point Theory and Applications (issn: 1687-1820, eissn: 1687-1812, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: SpringerOpen
<p>Abstract</p> <p>Let <it>H </it>be a Hilbert space, <it>C </it>be a closed convex subset of <it>H </it>such that <it>C </it>&#177; <it>C </it>&#8834; <it>C</it>, and <it>T </it>: <it>C </it>&#8594; <it>H </it>be a <it>k</it>-strictly pseudo-contractive mapping with <it>F</it>(<it>T</it>) &#8800; &#8709; for some 0 &#8804; <it>k &lt; </it>1. Let <it>F </it>: <it>C </it>&#8594; <it>C </it>be a <it>&#954;</it>-Lipschitzian and <it>&#951;</it>-strongly monotone operator with <it>&#954; &gt; </it>0 and <it>&#951; &gt; </it>0 and <it>f </it>: <it>C </it>&#8594; <it>C </it>be a contraction with the contractive constant <it>&#945; </it>&#8712; (0, 1). Let <inline-form...
free text keywords: Iterative schemes, <it>k</it>-strictly pseudo-contractive mapping, Nonexpansive mapping, Fixed points, Contraction, <it>&#954;</it>-Lipschitzian, <it>&#951;</it>-strongly monotone operator, Variational inequality, Hilbert space, Applied mathematics. Quantitative methods, T57-57.97, Analysis, QA299.6-433
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19 references, page 1 of 2
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