The degradation of lining of rotary furnaces in the production of zinc oxide

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Natália Luptáková ; Evgeniy Anisimov ; Františka Pešlová (2014)
  • Publisher: Univerzity of Zilina. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Journal: Materiálové Inžinierstvo (issn: 1335-0803, eissn: 1338-6174)
  • Subject: zinc oxide, production of zinc oxide, zinc slag, refractories, degradation of rotary furnace linings | Materials of engineering and construction. Mechanics of materials | TA401-492

<div><p>This paper is closely connected with the complex problem of degradation relating to the refractories of rotary furnace linings in the production of zinc oxide. Zinc oxide can be produced by variety of ways, but the most common method of production which is used in Europe is indirect, i.e. pyrolytic combustion of zinc. This method is also called "French process" of manufacturing ZnO. But this mentioned method of preparation leads to the creation of the enormous amount of zinc slag including chemical complexes of elements Fe, Zn and Al. The mechanism of degradation of the lining leads to slag rests and it is closely connected with the mutual interaction of the aggressive agents with the components of the lining. This process creates a new undesired surface layer which increased the overall thickness of zinc slag. Stuck slag has the influence on rapid degradation of the linings and moreover it also decreases the production quality of ZnO. Analysis results introduced in this paper are significant information for minimizing of degradation of rotary furnaces.<em> </em></p></div><p class="Default"> </p>
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