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Анна Малгожата Камінська ; Сергій Андрійович Назаровець (2018)
  • Publisher: Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics
  • Journal: Сучасний стан наукових досліджень та технологій в промисловості (issn: 2522-9818, eissn: 2524-2296)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.30837/2522-9818.2018.5.026
  • Subject: наукометрія | DOI | Crossref | Open Citations | Gephi | ScientoMiner | Engineering economy | TA177.4-185

Modern scientometrics successfully uses a number of analytical methods for studying scientific publications, however, the application of even most advanced analytical methods to erroneous or incomplete data leads to false results. The subject matter of the article is modern approaches and technologies for obtaining bibliographic data from reliable open sources of scientific information for scientometric research. The goal of this work is to present the developed module ScientoMiner ICR, which extends the functionality of the analytical platform Gephi and enables importing bibliographic data from the public records of Crossref to conduct scientometric research in the field of citation analysis, the quality of which is guaranteed by using the DOI identification system. The following tasks are solved in the article: prospects for the development of the Initiative for Open Citations to create non-commercial open tools for tracking scientific citations; the use of the DOI system and the database of the Crossref registration agency is justified as a reliable source of bibliographic data and a mechanism for obtaining metadata of scientific publications; the capabilities of the ScientoMiner ICR module for the open Gephi platform for importing bibliographic data are revealed. The following methods of research are used - visualization and the analysis of the network of scientific citations. Conclusion – the suggested ScientoMiner ICR module for the Gephi platform simplifies the process of automatic export of Crossref data directly to Gephi, in particular, for the needs of scientometric analysis. The obtained results can be used in the process of creating new non-commercial tools for tracking the rate of scientific paper citation, especially in the social and human sciences, which are not presented in the databases of commercial scientometric products well enough.