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Investigating Some Characteristics of Biocomposites Prepared from Chemically Purified Date Palm Fibers

H. Ghafarzade Zare; A. Ghazanfari Moghaddam; H. Hashemipour Rafsanjani;
Open Access Persian
  • Published: 01 Dec 2010 Journal: علوم و تکنولوژی پلیمر, volume 23, issue 6, pages 467-474 (issn: 1016-3255, eissn: 2008-0883, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute
During the past two decades the use of lignocellouse fibers in reinforcing composites has attracted much research activities. In the present work, date palm fiber was used for production of composites compatible withliving environment. The fibers were pre-treated chemically to remove impurities. In order to verify and compare the effectiveness of the pretreatment methods, lignin, ash, moisture adsorption, diameter and tensile strength of the raw and treated fibers were considered in all determinations. Some chemical contents of the treated fibers were also estimated by FTIR method. The heating characteristics of the fibers were evaluated using simultaneous therm...
free text keywords: composites, date palm fiber, physical properties, Mechanical Properties, HDPE, lcsh:Polymers and polymer manufacture, lcsh:TP1080-1185
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