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Cardiac Autonomic Dysfunction in Type 2 Diabetes – Effect of Hyperglycemia and Disease Duration

Mika P. Tarvainen; Mika P. Tarvainen; Tomi Petteri Laitinen; Jukka Antero Lipponen; David eCornforth; Herbert eJelinek;
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  • Published: 01 Aug 2014 Journal: Frontiers in Endocrinology, volume 5 (eissn: 1664-2392, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Frontiers Media S.A.
Heart rate variability (HRV) is reduced in diabetes mellitus (DM) patients, suggesting dysfunction of cardiac autonomic regulation and an increased risk for cardiac events. The aim of this paper was to examine the associations of blood glucose level (BGL), glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) and duration of diabetes with cardiac autonomic regulation assessed by HRV analysis. Resting electrocardiogram (ECG), recorded over 20 minutes in supine position, and clinical measurements of 189 healthy controls and 93 type 2 DM (T2DM) patients were analyzed. HRV was assessed using several time-domain, frequency-domain and nonlinear methods. HRV parameters showed a clear difference...
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Medical Subject Headings: circulatory and respiratory physiology
free text keywords: Endocrinology, Original Research, heart rate variability, hyperglycemia, blood glucose, HbA1c, duration, cardiac autonomic neuropathy, lcsh:Diseases of the endocrine glands. Clinical endocrinology, lcsh:RC648-665, medicine.medical_specialty, medicine, Glycated hemoglobin, chemistry.chemical_compound, chemistry, Diabetes mellitus, medicine.disease, Type 2 diabetes, Heart rate, Supine position, Institutional repository, Internal medicine, Disease, business.industry, business, Cardiology
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