IDC Robocon: A Transnational Teaming Competition for Project-Based Design Education in Undergraduate Robotics

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Ning Tan ; Rajesh Elara Mohan ; Shaohui Foong ; Masaki Yamakita ; Masami Iwase ; Shoshiro Hatakeyama ; Norihiro Kamamichi ; Libo Song ; You Wang ; Qiuguo Zhu (2016)
  • Publisher: MDPI AG
  • Journal: Robotics (issn: 2218-6581)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.3390/robotics5030012
  • Subject: IDC Robocon | robot competition | project-based | robotics education | Mechanical engineering and machinery | TJ1-1570

This paper presents a robot design competition called ‘IDC Robocon’ as an effective tool for engineering education. The International Design Contest (IDC) Robocon competition has several benefits in creating a meaningful design experience for undergraduate engineering students and includes an international flavour as participants of the competition hail from all around the world. The problem posed to the contestants is to design, build and test mobile robots that are capable of accomplishing a task. A primary goal of the competition is to provide undergraduates with a meaningful design experience with an emphasis on mechanical design, electronic circuits and programming. It is hoped that by placing the emphasis on the design, the course will encourage more undergraduates to go into the field of engineering design. This paper presents the latest 2015 IDC Robocon (the 26th edition) in detail and discusses course of events and results in terms of the educational experience. In this competition, a simulated space problem of cleaning the debris from orbit is proposed for the latest IDC Robocon competition. Teams, comprising of students from multiple countries work together to develop robotic systems to compete with each other in collecting the foam balls and delivering them to the rotating the holder.
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