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NET-COMPUTER: Internet Computer Architecture and its Application in E-Commerce

M. O. Odhiambo; P. O. Umenne;
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  • Published: 04 Dec 2012 Journal: Engineering (issn: 1792-8036, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: D. G. Pylarinos
<jats:p>Research in Intelligent Agents has yielded interesting results, some of which have been translated into commer­cial ventures. Intelligent Agents are executable software components that represent the user, perform tasks on behalf of the user and when the task terminates, the Agents send the result to the user. Intelligent Agents are best suited for the Internet: a collection of computers connected together in a world-wide computer network.  Swarm and HYDRA computer architectures for Agents’ execution were developed at the University of Surrey, UK in the 90s. The objective of the research was to develop a software-based computer architecture on which Agent...
free text keywords: Intelligent Agents, Internet, HYDRA computer architecture, NET-COMPUTER, cloud computing, E-Commerce, Engineering (General). Civil engineering (General), TA1-2040, Technology (General), T1-995, Information technology, T58.5-58.64
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