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The Reserpine Production and Callus Growth of Indian Snake Root (Rauvolfia serpentina (L.) Benth. Ex Kurz) Culture by Addition of Cu2+

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  • Published: 01 Jul 2008 Journal: Biodiversitas, volume 9, issue 3, pages 177-179 (issn: 2085-4722, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: MBI & UNS Solo
The objectives of this research were to study the effects of Cu2+ addition on the reserpine production and callus growth from in vitro culture indian snake root (Rauvolfia serpentina (L.) Benth. Ex Kurz). This research frame work was based on the potency of snake root which was many exploited as anti-hypertension. The addition of elicitor Cu2+ in the form of CuCl2 would influence the ion transport of cell and changed of cytoplasm pH, and also has effects on synthesis and activity of enzymes which role in reserpine production and callus growth. The research was conducted in two steps, using Completely Randomized Design. The first step was the callus initiation to...
Medical Subject Headings: fungifood and beverages
free text keywords: Rauvolfia serpentina, reserpine, elicitor, Cu2+, callus growth, lcsh:Biology (General), lcsh:QH301-705.5
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26 references, page 1 of 2
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