Cytokine Profiles of Severe Influenza Virus-Related Complications in Children

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Andrew Fiore-Gartland; Angela Panoskaltsis-Mortari; Anna A. Agan; Anushay J. Mistry; Paul G. Thomas; Michael A. Matthay; Michael A. Matthay; PALISI PICFlu Investigators; Tomer Hertz; Tomer Hertz; Tomer Hertz; Adrienne G. Randolph; Adrienne G. Randolph; Adrienne G. Randolph; Ronald C. Sanders; Glenda Hefley; David Tellez; Courtney Bliss; Aimee Labell; Danielle Liss; Ashley L. Ortiz; Katri Typpo; Jen Deschenes; Barry Markovitz; Jeff Terry; Rica Sharon P. Morzov; Ana Lia Graciano; Melita Baldwin; Nick Anas; Adam Schwarz; ... view all 115 authors

RationaleEffective immunomodulatory therapies for children with life-threatening “cytokine storm” triggered by acute influenza infection are lacking. Understanding the immune profiles of children progressing to severe lung injury and/or septic shock could provide insigh... View more
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