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R. Trigg (2014)
  • Publisher: Editura Academiei Oamenilor de Știință din România
  • Journal: Annals of Academy of Romanian Scientists Series on Philosophy (issn: 2067-5690, eissn: 2067-113X)
  • Subject: social science | empiricism | theory | explanation | Communication. Mass media | P87-96 | Philosophy. Psychology. Religion | B

The study defines social science and its specific in contrast with history, psychology and physical sciences. Also it emphasizes the importance of the idea of a 'value-free' science for the social sciences is clear. Social scientists want to be seen to establish 'facts' about society in the same way that they think that a physicist or a chemist uncovers 'facts'. Using the theories of Hempel, Quine, Feyerabend and Kuhn, it addresses a series of questions concening scientific theories, their roles for the scientific explanation and the scientific progress.
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