Каменные сверленые орудия из коллекции Ялтинского историко-литературного музея / Stone Drilled Tools from the Collection of the Yalta Historical-Literary Museum

Article Bulgarian OPEN
Stupko M.V. (2017)
  • Publisher: NvSU
  • Journal: Materialy po Arheologii i Istorii Antičnogo i Srednevekovogo Kryma (issn: 2219-8857)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.24411/2219-8857-2017-00001
  • Subject: Early Metal Era | Southern Coast of Crimea | stone drilled axe-hammers | stone beak-shaped warhammer | stone hoes | Archaeology | CC1-960

The object of this study is a selection of stone drilled tools found at different times in the city of Yalta and in its surroundings as random finds. At present, they are kept in the Yalta Historical-Literary Museum. These tools are stone drilled axes-hammers, hammers and pickaxes. In the course of the study, it was established that the axes-hammers are to be identified as instruments of the pit cultural-historical community. The most illustrative example of this group is the stone bec de corbin, direct analogues of which are found in the sites of the steppe Eneolithic of the Black Sea and the late Trypillia. It was concluded that the Southern shore was inhabited by tribes of the same cultural and historical communities as those of the Steppes of the Northern Black Sea Coast and the foothills of the Crimea.
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