A Method Sustaining the Bioelectric, Biophysical, and Bioenergetic Function of Cultured Rabbit Atrial Cells

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Noa Kirschner Peretz ; Sofia Segal ; Limor Arbel-Ganon ; Ronen Ben Jehuda ; Ronen Ben Jehuda ; Yuval Shemer ; Yuval Shemer ; Binyamin Eisen ; Binyamin Eisen ; Moran Davoodi ; Ofer Binah ; Ofer Binah ; Yael Yaniv (2017)

Culturing atrial cells leads to a loss in their ability to be externally paced at physiological rates and to maintain their shape. We aim to develop a culture method that sustains the shape of atrial cells along with their biophysical and bioenergetic properties in resp... View more
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