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Recent Advances in Biomaterials for 3D Printing and Tissue Engineering

Udayabhanu Jammalamadaka; Karthik Tappa;
  • Published: 01 Mar 2018
  • Publisher: MDPI AG
Three-dimensional printing has significant potential as a fabrication method in creating scaffolds for tissue engineering. The applications of 3D printing in the field of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering are limited by the variety of biomaterials that can be used in this technology. Many researchers have developed novel biomaterials and compositions to enable their use in 3D printing methods. The advantages of fabricating scaffolds using 3D printing are numerous, including the ability to create complex geometries, porosities, co-culture of multiple cells, and incorporate growth factors. In this review, recently-developed biomaterials for different ti...
free text keywords: Review, three-dimensional printing, additive manufacturing, bioprinting, biomaterials, bioinks, ceramics, polymers, composites, tissue engineering, Biotechnology, TP248.13-248.65, Medicine (General), R5-920
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