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Nur Syam (2007)
  • Publisher: Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia
  • Journal: KEMANUSIAAN: The Asian Journal of Humanities (issn: 1394-9330, eissn: 1985-8353)
  • Subject: Boutique multicuturalism | religious harmony | religious conflict | History of scholarship and learning. The humanities | AZ20-999 | History of Civilization | CB3-482

Religion is a human phenomenon which often determines human behaviour. Apart from the divinity, religion is related to man and humanity. But man often differentiate between themselves on religious grounds and come into conflict in the name of religion although the root cause of such conflicts is social misunderstanding, crime or politics. This article examines the religious conflicts in Indonesia during the last two decades as had erupted in Poso, Ambon and Sambas and argues how religion had been misunderstood, misinterpreted and misrepresented resulting in serious crises in humanity. The writer summons believers of different religions to think and act rationally to solve the differences between them based on the humanitarian principles rooted in religion which advocates universal happiness. He proposes the elimination of what he termed boutique multiculturalism which should be replaced by a holistic educative undertaking involving the grass-roots to promote harmony among man.
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