Aeromonas veronii septicemia in an immunocompetent patient

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Paula McKenzie ; David Sotello ; Yared Hailemariam ; Vipul Desai ; Brian Temple (2013)
  • Publisher: Southwest Respiratory and Critical Care Chronicles
  • Journal: Southwest Respiratory and Critical Care Chronicles (issn: 2325-9205)
  • Subject: Aeromonas | septicemia | immunocompromised | immunocompetent | trauma | Diseases of the respiratory system | RC705-779

We present a 29-year-old healthy man who fell into an industrial auger, sustaining acrushed, open pelvic injury, multiple comminuted fractures of the right leg, and traumaticamputation of his left foot. Blood and wound cultures were positive for Aeromonasspp and vancomycin resistant Enterococcus. Treatment included cefepime, levofloxacin,daptomycin, and metronidazole. Aeromonas veronii is a Gram negative bacillus usuallyfound in fresh and brackish water in warm climates. It can cause severe skin andsoft tissue infections, typically after injured tissue is exposed to contaminated water.Aeromonas septicemia is uncommon and is usually associated with underlying diseases,such as malignancy, cirrhosis, diabetes, or immunosuppression. It rarely occurs in ahealthy host.
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