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Meilyn González Cortés; Yenisleidy Martínez Martínez; Yailet Albernas Carvajal; Raúl A. Pérez Bermúdez;
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  • Published: 01 Jan 2017 Journal: Centro Azúcar, volume 44, issue 1, pages 82-95 (issn: 0253-5777, eissn: 2223-4861, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Universidad Central "Marta Abreu" de Las Villas
In this work, the stages of losses and lower exergetic efficiency are determined when the sugar production process is integrated with others for the production of products such as biogas, torula yeast and electricity. The study is carried out in three scenarios of integrated processes for obtaining the indicated products. A sugar factory in which sugar and electricity are produced is considered as the base scenario and from this; a second scenario is inferred in which alcohol is produced from the molasses of the sugar process and biogas from the vinasse of the alcohol distillation process. Finally, a third scenario is exergetically evaluated in which sugar, elec...
free text keywords: Alcohol, biogas, sugar cane, exergy, irreversibilities, lcsh:Special industries and trades, lcsh:HD9000-9999
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Article . 2017
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