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Inna Pivovarova (2016)
  • Publisher: Polish Society of Ecological Engineering (PTIE)
  • Journal: Journal of Ecological Engineering (issn: 2299-8993)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.12911/22998993/64503
  • Subject: monitoring | hydrological stations | optimization | GIS | ecology | correlation | regression relationships | Environmental technology. Sanitary engineering | TD1-1066 | Environmental sciences | GE1-350

The paper describes current approaches to the rational distribution of monitoring stations. A short review and the organization of the system of hydro-geological observations in different countries are presented. On the basis of real data we propose a solution to the problem of how to calculate the average area per one hydrological station, which is the main indicator of the efficiency and performance of the monitoring system in general. We conclude that a comprehensive approach to the monitoring system organization is important, because only hydrometric and hydrochemical activities coordinated in time provide possibilities needed to analyse the underline causes of the observed pollutants content dynamics in water bodies in the long term.
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