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Fractional governing equations of transient groundwater flow in confined aquifers with multi-fractional dimensions in fractional time

M. Levent Kavvas; Tongbi Tu; Ali Ercan; James Polsinelli;
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  • Published: 16 Oct 2017 Journal: Earth System Dynamics (issn: 2190-4979, eissn: 2190-4987, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Copernicus Publications
<jats:p>Abstract. Using fractional calculus, a dimensionally consistent governing equation of transient, saturated groundwater flow in fractional time in a multi-fractional confined aquifer is developed. First, a dimensionally consistent continuity equation for transient saturated groundwater flow in fractional time and in a multi-fractional, multidimensional confined aquifer is developed. For the equation of water flux within a multi-fractional multidimensional confined aquifer, a dimensionally consistent equation is also developed. The governing equation of transient saturated groundwater flow in a multi-fractional, multidimensional confined aquifer in fractio...
arXiv: Physics::GeophysicsPhysics::Fluid Dynamics
free text keywords: Science, Q, Geology, QE1-996.5, Dynamic and structural geology, QE500-639.5, General Earth and Planetary Sciences, Hydrogeology, Continuity equation, Aquifer, geography.geographical_feature_category, geography, Groundwater flow equation, Fractional calculus, Atmospheric sciences, Groundwater model, Dupuit–Forchheimer assumption, Geomorphology, Mechanics, Groundwater flow
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45 references, page 1 of 3
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