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Novel cell separation method for molecular analysis of neuron-astrocyte co-cultures

Andrea Goudriaan; Nutabi Camargo; Karen E. Carney; Stéphane H. R. Oliet; August B. Smit; Mark H. G. Verheijen;
Open Access English
  • Published: 30 Jan 2014
  • Country: Netherlands
Over the last decade, the importance of astrocyte-neuron communication in neuronal development and synaptic plasticity has become increasingly clear. Since neuron-astrocyte interactions represent highly dynamic and reciprocal processes, we hypothesized that many astrocyte genes may be regulated as a consequence of their interactions with maturing neurons. In order to identify such neuron-responsive astrocyte genes in vitro, we sought to establish an expedited technique for separation of neurons from co-cultured astrocytes. Our newly established method makes use of cold jet, which exploits different adhesion characteristics of subpopulations of cells (Jirsova et ...
Medical Subject Headings: nervous system
free text keywords: Neuroscience, method, co-culture, astrocytes, transcriptional activation, isolation approaches, neuron-glia interaction, Methods Article, Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience, lcsh:Neurosciences. Biological psychiatry. Neuropsychiatry, lcsh:RC321-571, Gene, Synaptic plasticity, Neuron, medicine.anatomical_structure, medicine, Biology, Centrifugation, Astrocyte, Messenger RNA, RNA, In vitro
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