Effect of aguamiel (agave sap) on hematic biometry in rabbits and its antioxidant activity determination

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Héctor Silos-Espino ; José Luis Moreno Hernández-Duque ; Fidel Guevara-Lara ; Juan Florencio Gómez-Leyva ; Luis Lorenzo Valera-Montero ; Alejandro Nava-Cedillo ; Catarino Perales-Segovia ; Clara Lourdes Tovar-Robles (2011)
  • Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group
  • Journal: Italian Journal of Animal Science (issn: 1594-4077, eissn: 1828-051X)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.4081/ijas.2011.e21
  • Subject: Agave sap, Rabbits, Antioxidant activity | Animal culture | SF1-1100

In this work, we analysed the effect of aguamiel (sap from <em>Agave salmiana</em>) on haematic biometry in rabbits as well as its antioxidant activity with the objective of determining its nutritional value. Nine male Landrace 55-day-old rabbits were sorted into three groups of three rabbits each, which had access to fresh aguamiel, boiled aguamiel and water instead of aguamiel. Commercial rabbit food was supplied <em>ad libitum</em> to each experimental unit. Fresh aguamiel promoted weight increases of about 13% by the seventh week. Haemoglobin counts increased by 4.5% and 9% when rabbits were fed with fresh and boiled aguamiel, respectively. Haematocrit counts increased from 2.6% to 5.3%. Mean corpuscular volume did not show a change. Mean corpuscular haemoglobin significantly increased up to 12% above that previously reported on rabbits. Observed Fe (fixed to transferrin), transferrin and ferritin content increased slightly when fresh aguamiel was included in the diet, as compared to the control. In bone, Fe increased 79.3% (boiled aguamiel) while P increased 23.6% (fresh aguamiel). In antioxidant activity determination, the aguamiel showed 20% with respect to that found in coffee and/or grape juice (commercial beverages with a high antioxidant capability), 226.2 µmol gallic acid equivalent and 35.1 mg ascorbic acid in 250 mL, respectively. These results showed that aguamiel is an innocuous beverage to feed animals, conferring some beneficial properties, and it could be considered as a nutraceutical product.
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