Early-Middle Pleistocene benthic turnover and oxygen isotope stratigraphy from the Central Mediterranean (Valle di Manche, Crotone Basin, Italy): Data and trends

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Azzarone, Michele; Ferretti, Patrizia; Rossi, Veronica; Scarponi, Daniele; Capraro, Luca; Macrì, Patrizia; Huntley, John W.; Faranda, Costanza;
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  • Journal: Data in Brief,volume 17,pages1,099-1,107 (issn: 2352-3409, eissn: 2352-3409)
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  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1016/j.dib.2018.02.017, pmc: PMC5988410
  • Subject: R858-859.7 | Computer applications to medicine. Medical informatics | Science (General) | Multidisciplinary approach, Stratigraphic Paleobiology, Early-Middle Pleistocene boundary, Ordination analysis, Glacial-Interglacial cycles, Ostracod, Mollusk | Q1-390 | Earth and Planetary Science

Ostracod faunal turnover and oxygen isotope data (foraminifera) along the Valle di Manche (VdM) section are herein compiled. Specifically, the material reported in this work includes quantitative palaeoecological data and patterns of ostracod fauna framed within a high-... View more
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