Influence of temperature changes on torsional rigidity and damping coefficient of rubber torsional vibration damper

Article English OPEN
Wojciech HOMIK (2011)
  • Publisher: Silesian University of Technology
  • Journal: Transport Problems (issn: 1896-0596)
  • Subject: crankshaft | torsional damper | torsional stiffness | damping coefficient | Transportation engineering | TA1001-1280

The short explanation of usefulness of rubber torsional dampers in crankshaft in multi-cylinder engines is presented. The description of the construction and operation of rubber torsional damper is also included. In the rubber torsional damper, the damping is achieved as the effect of internal friction resulting from the deformation of the rubber material. This deformation appears while the internal rubber elasticity is overloaded. Both the physical and mechanical rubber properties depend on temperature change. In cooperation with rubber dampers manufacturer the experimental investigations are made in order to establish the influence of temperature change on torsional stiffness and damping.
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