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Composting of tobacco plant waste by manual turning and forced aeration system

Nonglak Saithep;
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  • Published: 01 May 2009 Journal: Maejo International Journal of Science and Technology, volume 3, issue 2, pages 248-260 (issn: 1905-7873, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Maejo University
The efficiency of tobacco plant waste composting, by the manual turning and the forced aeration system, was compared. Tobacco plant waste, cow manure, urea fertiliser, and a compost inoculum mixture at a 100:10:0.2:0.01 ratio respectively, with 60% (w/v) moisture content, were set up in piling forms. The piles of the manual turning system were provided with turning aeration by hand at intervals of 7 days during the composting process. For the forced aeration system, each pile was aerated by a 3-HP air pump with a flow rate of 19 litres min-1 for 15 minutes every morning and evening. The completely randomised design of turned and force-aerated piles was performed...
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