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Erik Vrabič (2018)
  • Publisher: Slovenian Medical Association
  • Journal: Zdravniški Vestnik (issn: 1318-0347, eissn: 1581-0224)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.6016/ZdravVestn.2764
  • Subject: tkivna ekspanzija | R | sekundarna rekonstrukcija | prsni vsadki | Medicine | avtologna rekonstrukcija | primarna rekonstrukcija
    mesheuropmc: skin and connective tissue diseases

Background. Breasts are an important symbol of physical beauty, feminity, mothering and sexual desire through the entire history of mankind. Lost of the whole or part of the breast is functional and aesthetic disturbance for woman. It is understandable, that the woman, who is concerned over breast loss, is as appropriate as another person´s concern over the loss of a limb or other body part. Before the 1960, breast reconstruction was considered as a dangerous procedure and it was almost prohibited. Considering the psychological importance of the breast in modern society, the possibility of breast reconstruction for the woman about to undergo a mastectomy is a comforting alternative. We can perform breast reconstruction with autologous tissue (autologous reconstruction), with breast implants and combination of both methods. For autologous reconstruction we can use local tissue (local flaps), or tissue from distant parts of the body (free vascular tissue transfer). Tissue expansion must be performed first, in many cases of breast reconstructions with breast implants. Conclusions. Possibility of breast reconstruction made a big progress last 3 decades. Today we are able to reconstruct almost every defect of the breast and the entire breast. Breast reconstruction rise the quality of life for breast cancer patients. Breast reconstruction is a team work of experts from many medicine specialites. In Slovenia we can offer breast reconstruction for breast cancer patients in Ljubljana, where plastic surgeons from Clinical Department for Plastic Surgery and Burns cooperate with oncologic surgeons. Ten years ago a similar cooperation between plastic surgeons and surgeons of the Centre for Breast Diseases was established in Maribor.
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