Control of Bank Consolidated Financial Statements Quality

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Margarita S. Ambarchyan (2013)
  • Publisher: Academic Publishing House Researcher
  • Journal: Evropejskij Issledovatel╩╣ (issn: 2219-8229, eissn: 2224-0136)
  • Subject: quality of consolidated financial statements | European bank and financial groups | multiple regression model | Social Sciences | H

The author presents the multiple linear regression model of bank consolidated financial statements quality. The article considers six characteristics that can be used to estimate the level of bank consolidated financial statements quality. The multiple linear regression model was developed, using the results of point-based system of consolidated financial statements of thirty European bank and financial groups on the basis of the developed characteristics. The author offers to use the characteristic significance factor in the process of consolidated financial statements appraisal by points. The constructed regression model is checked on accuracy and statistical significance. The model can be used by internal auditors and financial analytics as an instrument for bank and non-bank consolidated financial statements quality control
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