Production System of Virus-free Apple Plants Using Heat Treatment and Shoot Tip CultureShoot Tip Culture

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Gunsup Lee ; Il Sheob Shin ; Kang Hee Cho ; Se Hee Kim ; Juhee Shin ; Dae Hyun Kim ; Jeong Hee Kim ; Hyun Ran Kim (2013)
  • Publisher: Hanrimwon Publishing Company
  • Journal: Research in Plant Disease (issn: 1598-2262, eissn: 2233-9191)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.5423/RPD.2013.19.4.288
  • Subject: Apple chlorotic leaf spot virus | Apple mosaic virus | Apple scar skin viroid | Apple stem grooving virus | Agriculture (General) | S1-972

In worldwide, viral diseases of apple plants has caused the serious problems like reduced production and malformation of fruits. Also, the damages of apple plants by virus and/or viroid infection (Apple chlorotic leaf spot virus, Apple stem grooving virus, Apple mosaic virus, and Apple scar skin viroid) were reported in Korea. However there is few report about the protection approach against the infection by apple viruses. Therefore, this paper introduced the experimental protocol for the development of virus-free apple cultivars (Danhong, Hongan, Saenara, Summerdream). Apple plants were treated at 37oC for 4 weeks and shoot tips were cultured in vitro. After heat treatment, the detection of apple viruses was performed by RT-PCR using virusspecific detection primers in new apple cultivars. With the heat treatments followed by in vitro shoot tip culture, the proportion of virus-free stocks of ‘Danhong’, ‘Hongan’, ‘Saenara’, and ‘Summerdream’ was 28%, 16%, 12%, and 12%, respectively. Taken together, this approach can be a good tool for production of virus-free apple stocks.
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