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Jerzy Balicki;
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  • Published: 01 Dec 2015 Journal: Contemporary Economy (issn: 2082-677X, eissn: 2082-677X, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: University of Gdansk
The article discusses some paradigms of artificial intelligence in the context of their applications in computer financial systems. The proposed approach has a significant po-tential to increase the competitiveness of enterprises, including financial institutions. However, it requires the effective use of supercomputers, grids and cloud computing. A reference is made to the computing environment for Bitcoin. In addition, we characterized genetic programming and artificial neural networks to prepare investment strategies on the stock exchange market.
free text keywords: financial information systems, paradigms of artificial intelligence, genetic programming, artificial neural networks, Economics as a science, HB71-74
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60 references, page 1 of 4
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