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Analysis of overall level of evidence behind the Institute of Healthcare Improvement ventilator-associated pneumonia guidelines

Iqbal M; Lee S; Singarajah CU; Robbins RA; Pattee JJ; Padrnos L; Bui T; Whitmore EJ;
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  • Published: 01 Aug 2011 Journal: Southwest Journal of Pulmonary and Critical Care, volume 3, pages 40-48 (issn: 2160-6773, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Arizona Thoracic Society
Background Clinical practice guidelines are developed to assist in patient care but the evidence basis for many guidelines has recently been called into question. Methods We conducted a literature review using PubMed and analyzed the overall quality of evidence and made strength of recommendation behind 6 Institute of Health Care (IHI) guidelines for prevention of ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP). Quality of evidence was assessed by the American Thoracic Society levels of evidence (levels I through III) with addition of level IV when evidence existed that the guideline increased VAP. We also examined our own intensive care units (ICUs) for evidence of a cor...
free text keywords: Institute of Healthcare Improvement, deep venous thrombosis prophylaxis, guidelines, head of bed elevation, readiness to extubate, readiness to wean, sedation vacation, stress ulcer diesase prophylaxis, ventilator-associated pneumonia, lcsh:General works, lcsh:R5-130.5, lcsh:Medical emergencies. Critical care. Intensive care. First aid, lcsh:RC86-88.9
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38 references, page 1 of 3
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