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Characterization of Bubble Size Distributions within a Bubble Column

Shahrouz Mohagheghian; Brian R. Elbing;
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  • Published: 07 Feb 2018 Journal: Fluids (issn: 2311-5521, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: MDPI AG
The current study experimentally examines bubble size distribution (BSD) within a bubble column and the associated characteristic length scales. Air was injected into a column of water via a single injection tube. The column diameter (63–102 mm), injection tube diameter (0.8–1.6 mm) and superficial gas velocity (1.4–55 mm/s) were varied. Large samples (up to 54,000 bubbles) of bubble sizes measured via 2D imaging were used to produce probability density functions (PDFs). The PDFs were used to identify an alternative length scale termed the most frequent bubble size (dmf) and defined as the peak in the PDF. This length scale as well as the traditional Sauter mean...
free text keywords: bubble column, bubble size distribution, Sauter mean diameter, probability density function, skewness, kurtosis, Thermodynamics, QC310.15-319, Descriptive and experimental mechanics, QC120-168.85, Materials science, Bubble, Mechanics, Standard deviation, Turbulence, Characteristic length, Length scale
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