Guidelines for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis

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M. Rossini; G. Rini; R. Nuti; S. Minisola; S. Migliaccio; C. Mereu; L. Masi; C. Marcocci; E. Mannarino; G. Luisetto; G.C. Isaia; S. Gonnelli; S. Giannini; B. Frediani; E. Fiore; P. Filipponi; C. Cepollaro; M.L. Brandi; F. Bertoldo; S. Adami; M. Varenna; L. Ventura; G. Bianchi;

The guidelines for the osteoporosis management were first drafted by a working group and then critically evaluated by the board of SIOMMMS. The most relevant points are: Definition: Osteoporosis is defined as a quantitative and qualitative deterioration of bone tissue l... View more
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