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Molecular surveillance of Theileria ovis, Theileria lestoquardi and Theileria annulata infection in sheep and ixodid ticks in Iran

Gholamreza Razmi; Saeed Yaghfoori;
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  • Published: 01 Oct 2013
  • Publisher: ARC-Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute - Agricultural Research Council
A molecular study was undertaken to detect Theileria ovis, Theileria lestoquardi and Theileria annulatain sheep and tick vectors. Investigation was conducted from 2010 to 2011 in the south of Khorasan Razavi Province, Iran. A total of 150 blood samples were collected from 30 different sheep flocks. In addition, ixodid ticks were sampled from the same flocks. The stained blood smears were microscopically examined for the presence of piroplasms and a semi-nested polymerase chain reaction-restriction (PCR) was used for subsequent molecular speciation. Salivary glands were isolated from the ticks and subsequently analysed by semi-nested PCR. polymerase chain reactio...
Medical Subject Headings: parasitic diseases
free text keywords: General Veterinary, General Medicine, Tick, biology.organism_classification, biology, Theileria, Ovis, Virology, Flock, Theileria lestoquardi, Hyalomma, Theileria ovis, Theileria annulata, Veterinary medicine, Molecular detection, Theileria species, Sheep, Iran, SF600-1100
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publication . Article . 2013

Molecular surveillance of Theileria ovis, Theileria lestoquardi and Theileria annulata infection in sheep and ixodid ticks in Iran

Gholamreza Razmi; Saeed Yaghfoori;