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Redactie KITLV (2008)
  • Publisher: BRILL
  • Journal: Bijdragen tot de Taal- (issn: 0006-2294)
  • Subject: History of Oceania (South Seas) | DU1-950 | Languages and literature of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania | PL1-8844

Trevor Wilson (ed.); Myanmar’s long road to national reconciliation (Jean A. Berley)
 Jennifer Lindsay (ed.); Between tongues; Translation and/of/in performance in Asia (Michael Bodden)
 Volker Grabowsky; Bevölkerung und Staat in Lan Na; Ein Beitrag zur Bevölkerungsgeschichte Südostasiens Peter Boomgaard)
 Odille Gannier, Cécile Picquoin (eds); Journal de bord d’Etienne Marchand; Le voyage du Solide autour du monde (1790-1792 (H.J.M. Claessen)
 Arjan van Helmond, Stani Michiels (eds); Jakarta megalopolis; Horizontal and vertical observations (Ben Derudder)
 Bert Scova Righini; Een leven in twee vaderlanden; Een biografie van Beb Vuijk (Liesbeth Dolk)
 Gerrit R. Knaap, J.R. van Diessen, W. Leijnse, M.P.B. Ziellemans; Grote Atlas van de Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie/ Comprehensive Atlas of the Dutch United East India Company; Volume II: Java en Madoera/Java and Madura (Amrit Gomperts) 
 Nordin Hussin; Trade and society in the Straits of Melaka; Dutch Melaka and English Penang, 1780-1830 (Hans Hägerdal)
 Wilco van den Heuvel; Biak; Description of an Austronesian language of Papua (Volker Heeschen)
 Ann L. Appleton; Acts of integration, expressions of faith; Madness, death and ritual in Melanau ontology (Menno Hekker) 
 Amity A. Doolittle; Property and politics in Sabah, Malaysia; Native struggles over land rights (Monica Janowski)
 Rajeswary Ampalavanar Brown; The rise of the corporate economy in Southeast Asia (J. Thomas Lindblad) 
 Dwi Noverini Djenar; Semantic, pragmatic and discourse perspectives of preposition use; A study of Indonesian locatives (Don van Minde)
 Sherri Brainard, Dietlinde Behrens, A grammar of Yakan (Chandra Nuraini) 
 Dietlinde Behrens; Yakan-English dictionary (Chandra Nuraini)
 Pierre Lemonnier; Le sabbat des lucioles; Sorcellerie, chamanisme et imaginaire cannibale en Nouvelle-Guinée (Anton Ploeg) 
 Edgar Aleo and others; A voice from many rivers; Central Subanen oral and written literature. Translated and annotated by Felicia Brichoux (Nicole Revel) 
 Joos van Vugt, José Eijt, Marjet Derks (eds); Tempo doeloe, tempo sekarang; Het proces van Indonesianisering in Nederlandse orden en congregaties (Karel Steenbrink)
 Nancy Eberhardt; Imagining the course of life; Self-transformation in a Shan Buddhist community (Nicholas Tapp)
 J.C. Smelik, C.M. Hogenstijn, W.J.M. Janssen; A.J. Duymaer van Twist; Gouverneur-Generaal van Nederlands-Indi? (1851-1856) (Gerard Termorshuizen)
 David Steinberg; Turmoil in Burma; Contested legitimacies in Myanmar (Sean Turnell)
 Carl A. Trocki; Singapore; Wealth, power and the culture of control (Bryan S. Turner)
 Matthew Isaac Cohen; The Komedie Stamboel; Popular theatre in colonial Indonesia, 1891-1903 (Holger Warnk)
 Jörgen Hellman; Ritual fasting on West Java (Robert Wessing) 
 Waruno Mahdi; Malay words and Malay things; Lexical souvenirs from an exotic archipelago in German publications before 1700 (Edwin Wieringa)
 Russell Jones, C.D. Grijns, J.W. de Vries, M. Siegers (eds); Loan-words in Indonesian and Malay
 Peter Carey: The power of prophecy. Prince Dipanagara and the end of an old order in Java, 1785-1855
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