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Татьяна Викторовна Бескова (2014)
  • Publisher: Naučno-innovacionnyj Centr
  • Journal: Sovremennye Issledovaniâ Socialʹnyh Problem (issn: 2218-7405)
  • Subject: зависть | научные представления | психология | теории личности | Social Sciences | H

<p>The article analyzes the foreign and Russian theorists of personality, representing different psychological directions in which there is a reference to the problem of envy. The problem of envy is discussed in the framework of classical psychoanalysis (S. Freud, M. Klein), individual psychology (A. Adler), analytical psychology (C.G. Jung), concept ofhumanistic psychoanalysis (E. Fromm), social-cultural theory (K. Horney), ego-theory (E. Erikson, A. Peeters), dispositional direction (G. Allport, R. Cattell), humanistic psychology (A. Maslow), existential psychology (V. Frankl). It is shown that in Russian theories of personality the problem of envy is reflected in the works of A.A. Bodalev, V.N. Myasishchev, V.N. Panferov, A.V. Petrovsky.</p><p><strong>Purpose.</strong>To carry out the analysis of psychological theories of the personality to identify the specific of ideas of psychological essence and envy sources.</p><p><strong>Methodology.</strong>Theoretical analysis and systematization of scientific data.</p><p><strong>Results.</strong>Separation and heterogeneity of scientific ideas of envy is revealed, that, on the one hand, allows looking at it from different points of view, and with another – counteracts the integration of knowledge of envy into uniform theoretical system.</p><p><strong>Practical implications.</strong> Research results can be used in the practice of psychological consultation, the psycho-correction of the envious relation, the outreach activity of psychologists.</p><p><strong>DOI: <a href=""></a></strong></p>
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